My name is Maeve, and I am a singer/songwriter who put out her first album last year. As I was researching music blogs that might feature my work, I observed a trend of overwhelming homogeneity. Many of the blogs I visited covered mostly white cis men making indie rock, and when there was a woman or non-binary person featured, they were almost always white, thin, rich, and able-bodied. I recognized my complicity within the centering of a limited subset of musicians and knew that my frustration would not be productive unless it fueled active opposition to the single stories presented throughout independent music journalism.

The intent behind Headlight Spirits is to develop a music celebration space foregrounding non-white, non-cis male, and disabled artists. If at any point I do not honor this intent, please hold me accountable; my email address is headlightspiritsblog@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog, and I look forward to listening with you.

“I drive when it rains / At night, when it rains, I drive / And the headlight spirits, they lead me down the Styx / So black it shines”

(Mitski, “Carry Me Out”)