got music?

One of the central reasons why I wanted to start this blog is my love of music discovery. I am a voracious listener, and however trite it sounds, I have an appreciation for every musical style and tradition. While my main intent is simply to feature music that makes me excited about making music, please keep in mind when submitting that Headlight Spirits was created with the intent of foregrounding marginalized voices within independent music– non-white artists, non-cis male artists, and disabled artists. To submit, please shoot me an email using the address below with links to your work and a little information about yourself. I am so stoked to hear your music!

Additionally, fans! Please send me links to the music you love! What is making your chest feel full right now? What is making you hopeful about the music industry? I want to know!

pitching help

I have also compiled a database of music blogs that accept submissions, accessible below. Feel no need to heed this advice, but based on my personal experiences, I would recommend emailing blogs individually and commenting on specific aspects of their writing that you appreciate and/or music you have discovered through their publication.

I hope that this list is helpful and wish you luck throughout your pitching process. Additionally, if you’re a fan of a blog that isn’t on the list, please let me know through the above email so that I can include it.

blog database