lukewarm questions: amaryah shaye

Lukewarm Questions is a recurring feature wherein musicians are invited to construct their own interviews by selecting the questions that they would like to answer. While my rational self knows that I only started listening to Amaryah Shaye’s music this year after finding her EP, My Mother’s House, at the bottom of a Bandcamp rabbit… Continue reading lukewarm questions: amaryah shaye

listen: “storm before”

Genevieve Miles’ “Storm Before,” starts with a simmer. In fact, I’m not sure it would be fair to characterize the song as only “starting” with a simmer; it is the word embodied, swooning and building under a surface of coy composure. The guitar tone feels like a small, anxious tell, Miles’ poker face betrayed by… Continue reading listen: “storm before”

feature: no home

It is very difficult to write the introduction to a musician feature without being pretentious, but Charlie of No Home pushes me to try harder. When we spoke over Zoom a month ago, we discussed the double-edged sword that is the word “authenticity” as a qualifier of one’s art. Nevertheless, I have been writing and… Continue reading feature: no home


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